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Punk & the New Wave

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This is probably going to be the last of the Musicology slide shows. Dunno. I could do one for the mid-80s indie scene (epitomised by NMEs C86 giveaway). But then again I (a) lack interest and (b) lack knowledge.



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  1. rashbre Avatar

    Interesting. I always associate London’s 100 Club with the early days of punk.

    We used to go erratically to a Tuesday session at the 100 called ‘independent music’ or something, which evolved into the punk sessions.

    There’s a good description of the 2 day punk festival here:

    The Siouxsie/Clash/Pistols evening was pretty intense – although I don’t remember any difficulty getting in to the place. After that event the punk bands seemed to pop up all over London.


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