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A few comments on what’s been going on.

1. Pasties

Apart from distracting us from more important things, the media’s rationale for banging on about hot pasties is because they think it illustrates how out of touch with working people the public schoolboys in charge of the country are.


My own take on this is that it’s much worse than being out of touch. Actually, I think they know exactly how much financial pain working people, pensioners, and the unemployed are. And they don’t care. They know that working class people are carrying more of the burden of paying for the bailout than the people responsible for it. And they don’t care.

2. Fuel Panic

I think a lot of the queuing at petrol stations probably came down to timing. It is the Easter holiday, and maybe people who were planning to go away on day trips or holidays didn’t want their plans ruined by running out of fuel.

However, if you were queuing because you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to get to work, you’re an idiot. (See 1 for why.)

You also have to understand that, quite a lot of the time, when the government speaks, they’re not speaking to you. They’re speaking to their supporters. They actually believe they’re sending coded messages to their friends, and don’t realise that because of the internet the rest of us are able to intercept and decode these messages.

3. Granny tax.

Boomer tax. Pensioners are a sacred cow, because they’re the only people who regularly vote. But the baby boomers and the generation after are a bit of a demographic bulge, and there’s too much wealth tied up in the bulge. Baby boomers are hitting retirement age, hence the tax hike.

I think it’s fascinating that this is a real tax increase coming from the anti-tax Tory party. But of course there’s no such thing as a tax cut (look at the various dates for Tax Freedom Day under various governments of different colours and you’ll see that nothing really changes). This tax increase was needed to fund the tax cuts for corporations and the very rich. (See 1 for why.)



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