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The best thing on TV right now?

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Anything on Sky is excluded because I don’t get it and will never get it. So I won’t even include Fringe, even though I do buy the boxed sets. Boxed sets are not on TV. In no particular order:

1. Justified is back. Season 3. 

2. Homeland is silly but has Morena Baccarin in it. I will watch for Morena. I quite liked Damien Lewis in Life, but I also watched Life more because of Sarah Shahi. Life wasn’t as silly as Homeland. I don’t care about terrorism or any of that shit.

3. When I saw ITV had bought Danish drama Those Who Kill, I said to myself, “Well, if ITV bought it, I bet it’s crap.” And it is. It’s just serial-killer-of-the-week, every week. Yeah. Serial killers. *Yawn*

4. Saving Grace. Final season (3) is on More4. It is brilliant, and pisses all over anything liked and praised by the Guardian.

5. The Mentalist/Castle are both light entertainment fun. Nice Firefly tribute from Nathan Fallon this week.

6. CSI/NCIS. Yes, getting old. But CSI has been reinvigorated by having Sam from Cheers in it. Try it, it’s fun. Waiting for a George Wendt cameo.

7. Inspector Montalbano. It’s only average, but it’s a pleasant break from serial killers. Can be quite funny. I quite often just listen to it and don’t bother with the subtitles. I don’t care what they’re saying.

8. Suits. Yeah. Lawyers. It’s all right.

9. The lying game. Preposterous plot about twins separated at birth. But at least it’s not cops, docs, or lawyers.

And what is best? A toss-up between Saving Grace and Justified.


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