Don’t enter the arena

Secret denunciations against anyone who will c...
Secret denunciations against anyone who will conceal favors and services or will collude to hide the true revenue from them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Politics is insane-making at the best of times, but it’s especially bad when those opposed to the self-interested posh bastards in charge of the country (elected and unelected) can’t get their shit together. I’m sick of seeing links to reasoned, well-researched responses from well-meaning people who think the Tories might somehow be made to see sense.

So Gove announces three unworkably stupid new ideas every week. So Cameron goes on record with nasty ideas about cutting benefits. So Osborne postpones the fuel tax increase. And the world is all a-flutter.

Here’s what they’re doing. Everybody knows that the benefit cutting thing was to stop people talking about tax dodging. And it worked. And the fuel tax thing is a distraction too. If you thought about it, though, you’d realise that fuel taxes are one of the more progressive kinds of sales tax, because they tend to hurt rich people with big cars more than they hurt ordinary people with small, economical cars. So, in a way, it’s another tax cut for the rich.

But the second thing they’re doing is they’re moving the argument further and further into their territory. Gove doesn’t really think he’ll get to reintroduce the CSE, and they’re unlikely to really get through a cut in housing benefits for all under-25s (or indeed to restrict benefit to the first two kids). The point is, these ideas are so OUT THERE, that to even enter a discussion about them moves political discourse far to the right.

The only rational response to these people is abuse and ridicule. To even attempt to proffer a rational counter-argument is to give credibility to a political ideology that is repellent.

Just tell the bastards to fuck off.

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