Lavazza a Modo Mio coffee blends Delicati Soavemente, Deliziosamente, and le Selezioni Magicamente

Here’s an update to my survey of the Lavazza a Modo Mio coffee varieties (part 1 is here, and my original write-up about the machine is here). These are two original blends I didn’t write about before plus one new blend that has been introduced recently.

Delicati Soavemente is the newest pod, which comes in a fetching pink (to the left in the picture above). As the name suggests, it’s designed to be a lighter, smoother blend, perhaps as a gateway drug for the person in your life who is new to the strong taste of espresso, or who doesn’t like coffee that much. This is not a pod to dilute with lots of milk. Water flow is relatively quick, which should tell you it’s suitable for a lungo (much like the two-tone brown capsule Crema Lungo Dolcemente). With less water, it’s an acceptable enough espresso, but it is a bit insipid in comparison to the red, blue, and purple varieties. One might almost accuse Lavazza of a bit of gendered marketing here. Are they trying to tell us that pink is for girls, and that girls don’t like strong coffee? Sexist!

Deliziosamente is the orange capsule (not the two-tone brown/orange variety you will find in Waitrose stores). Lavazza’s colour scheme is not all that straightforward, but there is some kind of pattern. The carmine red pods are made with 50% robusta beans; this is an intense, strong flavour with a real edge of bitterness. The standard red (found in Waitrose) is strong, but smoother, and made with 100% arabica beans. This orange capsule is 100% arabica, not as strong as the red, but is a smooth coffee with a good flavour and less bitterness. It’s still suitable for espresso, as opposed to the two-tone pods, which are meant for a lungo.

In the small-but-exclusive Selezione range, the darker purple pods are made with 20% robusta. This is the pod that has a strong, chocolatey flavour. The dark pink pods (not to be confused with Soavementa above) is called Magicamente, and these make a less bitter but still strong and chocolatey brew.

And, after all this, which is the best? I’m still voting red. It’s got the strength and edge that you want from an espresso. It’s a rich, full flavour, but is also smooth and easy to drink. The decaff blue is also excellent, but you have to order this online or buy from Boulanger electrical stores in France, where it’s over-priced.

If you were to make an online order for the pods that aren’t on sale in Waitrose I’d recommend the following:

1 x Soavemente for when you have someone round who is a coffee lightweight

2 x Cremosamente Decaff for afternoon/evening

2 x Deliziosamente because it’s sufficiently different to the red to provide variety

1 x Divinamente for drinking with chocolate

If you order double the above (i.e. 12 boxes), you get free delivery – but that’s a lot of coffee.

If you’ve arrived here wondering what machine to buy, you may be interested to know that (at the time of writing), Lavazza are offering some colourful machines for just £89.

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