I will not celebrate meaningless milestones

100  10 years of solitude blogging.

Blogging Heroes

Yes, Just as Scalzi is celebrating 15 years of Whatever, September 2013 marks my tenth anniversary of blog, or my blogiversary, if you will, and you won’t.

It all started with a joke: Hoses of the Holy was my little dig at people who couldn’t spell on the internet. This may seem strange to you now, but it used to be that, sometimes, people would post things online without properly proofreading them, with hilarious results. Nobody does that anymore, of course.

Hoses of the Holy soon became a group blog, and was joined by the Guitar GAS blog and the Road Rage blog. Then I had a bit of a moment and abandoned/deleted those three, setting up MaximumBob as my new blog home. I soon moved from Blogger to WordPress where I set up a few other blogs. My book review blog, I deleted after I joined GoodReads. My Media Studies blog is still going, along with a Film Studies one and a Creative Writing one. MaximumBob was torpedoed and I set up FrequentlyArsed instead, which brings us to here.

I’ve never really built an audience. If I could stick to a topic, it might be easier, but I can’t, so there it is. Blogging itself is a quaint remnant of that earlier age, when people would post things online without proofreading them. As soon as the mainstream media caught on to the fact that they could introduce “blogs” as content for their web sites that they didn’t have to pay people to write, blogging was as over as a dance craze that gets mentioned on the Today programme.

But some of us soldier on.

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