Cycling Shoe News Update

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That’s a clever logo, you got there. It’s both a G and an F. Bravo.

Older readers will remember that at my recent Trek bike fit, I was advised to (a) get new wide-fit cycling shoes in the correct size (!), and (b) switch pedals from SPD to Time XPresso pedals, which have the widest platform. I was also diagnosed with a fallen metatarsal arch and advised to (c) get some kind of gel support.

I have since tried several different support combinations, so this is an update on that, for anyone else who is suffering from the common burning/numb foot sensation when pedalling.

The first thing I tried was one of those Party Feet sole inserts, meant for women wearing heels on a night out. This seemed to work quite well, but was clearly not designed to last for very long. I also purchased a gel insert from amazon which was a little bit thicker than the Scholl one. Unfortunately, this meant that the space within the shoe got very tight. It was also not very comfortable to wear, being hooked over one of your toes and kind of held in place by a sock. This became especially problematic when I had a puncture about half a mile from home and decided to walk it – in socks, because you can’t walk that far in your cleats.

So I looked for another solution and discovered these G Form Gel Shoe insoles at PhysioRoom. They are designed to completely replace your existing insoles, and just one of a range of products offered by Physioroom, for various sports and foot conditions.

They’re £20, which adds considerably to the cost of your cycling shoes. When they arrive, you line up the heel with the heel of your current insole, and draw around it at the toe, then trim with scissors.

I went out for an 11-mile ride today to see what they felt like. My previous solutions have helped with the foot pain but didn’t totally solve it. Today, I didn’t even think about my right foot for the whole ride. I still had some back and hip pain (not as bad as before), but the foot – for the first time in a very long time – wasn’t an issue.

So, result! PhysioRoom ought to join the Referral Candy scheme, because I’d recommend the hell out of them.

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