Cycling pain news update

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(not one of my routes – for illustration only)

Since my bike fitting a while ago, I’ve been occasionally updating the blog to record how I’m getting on pain-wise.

On a weekend of almost unbroken good weather, I decided to go out on Friday and Saturday. Normally, no big deal, but I think this is maybe the first or second time I’ve done two days in a row in 2014.

What I’ve been trying to do is build up my fitness and stamina, but without peaking too early. Last summer, I peaked about half-way through my summer holiday, after what was (for me) a particularly epic ride over some serious hills – up to just over 600 metres (2000 feet), which was quite a stretch for me. I felt so good that day I thought I’d be able to tackle the Ballon d’Alsace.

But two days later I seriously bonked, and didn’t feel right for the rest of the holiday. My attempt on the Ballon was abandoned. I got halfway up its 14 km climb. I’d gone out a lot on my bike in the UK in June and July, before going over to France, so this year (in part due to the weather, and in part due to the pain), I’ve been easing into it a lot more. I’m planning to take the first couple of weeks to do some easier rides with shorter climbs, before building up to the Fresse one again and maybe the Ballon. (We’ve got a neighbour in France who really wants me to ride it with him.)

Anyway two rides in a row, and the pain levels varied. Worse on the second ride. On Friday: I would put back pain at 2, hip pain at 1, and foot pain at 1 (the insoles and new shoes/pedals are working).

On Saturday: back pain was a 4, hip pain a 2, and foot pain a 2. My speed is holding steady at around 23.5 kmh (14.6 mph), which is respectable, though I imagine on longer rides I’ll go slower.

I’ll probably go out again tonight, and might raise the saddle a few millimetres. The guy at the bike fit suggested that (although we’d raised it over 20 mm on the day), it should still be a bit higher. This might help the hip, and maybe the back. My position on the bike is better: I’m getting used to leaning forward more, though I still don’t feel natural that way.

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