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The summer’s podcasts

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A while ago, I wrote about the podcasts I like to listen to whilst on holiday, or to fill what would otherwise be boring Sunday mornings in the kitchen.

Since downloading Overcast (which I recommend) to use as my listening/subscription app I’ve branched out a little and have started to listen to more non-BBC podcasts, so I thought I’d list some of them here. These have all been entertaining me for the past 6 weeks.screen322x572

  1. The Incomparable – this is a total nerd-out, a podcast dedicated to science fiction (crappy film and TV science fiction), computer games, and even comic books. I love science fiction (the printed kind) but most of what they talk about doesn’t really interest me that much. Still, it’s a good listen. Why? Because the contributors are all passionate and knowledgeable, and – whatever the subject – it’s always worth listening to people who truly know their stuff.
  2. This American Life – this has appeared on Radio 4 Extra, but its existence predates the BBC adoption. Once you get used to the US presentation style, it can be very interesting indeed. As an example, try this episode (#492), about a  doctor, who investigates the case of his coincidentally named predecessor, who murdered his father. It’s fascinating, gripping, and surprising.
  3. Accidental Tech Podcast – another nerd-out. I’m more interested in technology than I am in superhero movies and computer games, so I prefer this to The Incomparable (there is occasional crossover of guests). A bit like The Talk Show (see my previous post), this offers exhaustive levels of detail, lots of follow up, and an aftershow that is sometimes longer than the main show.
  4. Freakonomics Radio – similar to This American Life, this is another show that’s worth a listen, once you can get used to the US presentation style. Covers a variety of topics, and likes to look at data, in the same way as Radio 4’s More or Less, which I mentioned in the earlier post.
  5. No Such Thing As a Fish – the QI Elves’ podcast. Always entertaining, sometimes inaccurate, but funny and engaging.
  6. Simon Mayo’s Confessions. I’ve come to prefer this to the Wittertainment podcast. If you know Mayo’s Radio 2 show (and I confess I didn’t), you’ll know this. Listeners send in improbable stories which reflect badly on them. I suspect Radio 2 staff rewrite them for style. Mayo reads them out and his studio friends pass judgement. It’s funny.
  7. Turning This Car Around – another American show. This is three guys talking about aspects of fatherhood and family life. Moderately entertaining, although their kids are a lot younger than mine.
  8. Punt PI – Steve Punt Investigates. Good show, from the BBC, in which The Now Show’s Punt looks into a mysterious true life case from the past. Missing persons, mysterious bodies, head-scratching scams and robberies. He rarely reaches much of a conclusion, but it’s fun. A shame there aren’t more of them.
  9. Just The Tip – This is Amy Gruber (spouse of The Talk Show’s John) with friend Paul Kafasis, talking about all kinds of stuff. It’s a little like Turning This Car Around, and can be funny. Never as long as The Talk Show.
  10. Radio Today – Radio news and interviews from a radio industry perspective. Useful for Media students/teachers. Probably not very interesting for anyone else, which is the joy of podcasts.


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