Yosemite Slam

Yosemite_SamHaving learned nothing the last time I upgraded my operating system without waiting for the .01 update, I just went ahead and installed Yosemite.

I’ve never been a big fan of the looks of OS X, I still miss the classic Mac OS with its cute personality and customisable features. I’ve been reading John Siracusa’s long review, and he’s not the only critic to refer to the good old days of Mac Extensions and the way you could switch them on and off. Remember Conflict Catcher? Ah…

I learned to become a power user by reading books like The Macintosh Bible and the monthly Mac magazines. I learned to switch off menu blinking to save processor cycles, to turn off extensions that did nothing because no applications supported them (hello, QuickDraw GX) and to allocate blocks of memory to programmes to make them run better. And remember RAM disks? Zapping the PRAM? Man, I miss those days.

OS X has always looked too garish, and yet the toned-down Graphite theme seems too dull. I’ve never liked the lozenges in the top left of the window, and I hate the fact that I’ve not been able to turn off or delete shit that I don’t use.

I quite understand why the OS has become less accessible to power users: it’s in the name of making it more accessible to non-power users, and turning the computer into an appliance. In principle, I approve of this noble goal. In reality, I want access to the file system, the system folders, and I want to know where my stuff is.

iCloud Drive is a step forward, inasmuch as it allows me to see files in a folder structure. On the other hand, I’m not supposed to know where the iCloud Drive folder itself resides. My system comes with a ton of fonts that I hate and will never use, but while Font Book allows me to turn (some of) them on and off, I’m not supposed to just delve into the System and fucking delete them forever.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 08.25.15

The new icons are flat and dull. The use of Helvetica as a system font is an insult to my aesthetic sensibilities. The toolbar icons in most apps are dreadful. Tiny little diagrams surrounded by acres of white space. I know the whole thing is supposed to look better on a retina display, but I have a retina display, and it still looks dreadful. Why is so much space given over to white? Or grey? Why not have a bigger T to add a text box and no white space at all? Fucking zen master fucking Jony Ive has gone too far. Look at that Shape icon. A tiny green square in a much bigger white rectangle.  If I switched to the icon-only view, would a new user even be able to guess what clicking there would do? Or the difference between adding a text box and bringing up the Fonts window? What’s the difference between T and A? One’s a tit and one’s an ass, and the person responsible for this design is both.

I like the idea of Continuity, though in reality I’m unlikely to use it much. I like to create Keynote files on my MacBook and I really hate doing so on either an iPad or an iPhone. I still don’t rate the iPad for productivity, and I still hate typing on my iPhone, even though it’s the biggest one you can get. So I’m an old stuck-in-the-mud and Apple can replace me with hundreds of others who don’t object. But still, I feel the need to record my objection. I’ve been hatin’ on the OS X since 2001 and nothing in Yosemite is changing my mind. In fact, it’s actually worse.

That retina iMac though.

4 responses to “Yosemite Slam”

  1. Have spent some time and installed Yosemite on a virtual machine and try it out, without the risk of having the same situation we all have with iOS8.
    I do not hate the design of OS X, but I fully understand what you mean.
    I hate the broken functionality and the many bugs. I am using iWorks Numbers a lot together with iCloud.
    And Numbers is crashing when you scroll, it is very very slow when you enter something and iCloud is unusable, because not syncing.
    Could be the Apple Servers are overloaded, but in reality you cannot trust Apples iCloud, like we have seen with iDisk.
    And that is the real desaster for me. You have a closed system and cannot trust the functionality you have to use.
    Even if you switch off iCloud in iWork, it is not possible to use the new little import plus button an import locally from readdle documents.
    iOS 8 is telling you to switch on iCloud.
    Apple has created a big confusion in the photo apps as well. The killed the old way and have no working new way.


  2. Yes, the new Yosemite Photos app doesn’t seem to have appeared. And the iOS 8 version now requires more taps to achieve the same ends.


  3. Mail uses HUGE 70GB of memory. It just slowly builds form 150MB to the huge number but only on my iMac not the MBA both using Yosemite. What could this be. Conflict Catcher was great at this!!!


  4. I like the facility where the iPhone pings the Mac to ask would you like to accept the call? Saves running around to find the phone.

    I’ve pretty much swapped over to Lightroom now from Aperture. It all seems to work well, including all the plugins accumulated over the years.

    The main glitch I found was with the mail plugin ‘Act On’ which causes Mail to crash. I’ve removed the plug-in and its related MailTags.

    Just about everything else quietly updated.

    A trivial font point: Have you noticed that the Help font size is different in the pull down from other menu selections? I’ve noticed it on three separate machines.


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