The BBC’s online complaints form makes you jump through a lot of hoops before you get to actually complain, but here’s what I submitted.

This has happened before, of course, because the BBC always seems to prioritise sport over anything else. But to delay the broadcast of Part 3 of a 3-part documentary (Rock ‘n’ Roll America) in favour of Golf coverage, which mostly consisted of watching people stand around watching other people stand around, occasionally interrupted by someone hitting an invisible ball in the twilight, was beyond the pale.

Wrong channel, wrong time. Why were the proms not interrupted? Why not Masterchef? Or better still, why not put the golf on the red button and let the middle class white male audience find it there?

Rock ‘n’ Roll America appealed to a broader audience. My 14 year old daughter specifically waited up to watch it with me, but instead we got to watch middle class white males chasing a white ball around some grass next to the sea. One of the few BBC programmes I find worth watching. But I guess my £145 isn’t worth as much as some golf fan’s £145.

One response to “Complaint”

  1. Have you already seen an answer? Could be your complain has landed on the desk on a middle class white male. 🙂 No, Golf is not my sport.
    Good complain !


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