The Nail Files – update

A few months ago, I posted an hilarious and criminally overlooked entry about my ongoing thumbnail problems. In summary: I have groovy nails (not as exciting as it sounds) and my thumbnail has such a deep groove that it constantly splits.

IMG_7012So I purchased some Nailtiques products to moisturise and feed the nail. Because nails grow at 3mm per month, it has taken a long time to see results. My thumbnail looked like this. The black line is basically a split with grime underneath that was impossible to clean out without taking the nail off.

That was 6 months ago, more or less. In the meantime, I’ve continued to have problems with the splitting. The most recent split was when the nail (not even long, I was keeping it trimmed) caught on the bed sheet in the middle of the night. Bang! Well, I just trimmed off the last of that split, and this is what we have:

IMG_8737Looks okay, doesn’t it? I can thank Nailtiques Formula 2 for this, although I’m still not clear on whether I should have been on Formula 3. I’ve also been using their Nail Oil and their nail moisturiser and their cuticle and skin gel – intermittently. I’ve applied Formula 2 several times a week, then stripped it off and started again. I’ve kept the nail as short as possible. It’s not perfect, and there is still a single, deeper groove. I’m not sure if it’s as deep as before, and I’m still applying the stuff because I don’t feel secure, but I do think it looks cosmetically better.

I’ll update this if it splits again: so you can save your money.

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