The Great Battlestar Galactica Rewatch

galactica_athena_sharonHaving burned through Stargate Universe, I decided to also rewatch BSG. I’ve owned the boxed set for years (and even watched half of Caprica before I lost interest), and me and my youngest watched Season 1 and much of Season 2 over the holiday.

A few observations.

  • I’m much more aware of the religious themes and especially the Mormon Connection than I was last time.
  • By default, when I first watched, I rooted for the humans, but I now realise that humanity isn’t worth saving and therefore have much more sympathy for the Cylons.
  • Which means that Gaius (“Dr Gaius, Dr Gaius”) Baltar is a far more sympathetic character and President Roslin and William (“Thanks Adama”) Adama are more weasel-like and culpable.
  • Feeling sympathy for the Cylons means I spend the whole of Seasons 1 and 2 saying, ‘Poor Sharon’ as poor old Boomer/Athena suffers pain and indignity at the hands of the damn humans.
  • Though of course rooting for Sharon isn’t quite the same as rooting for the Cylons, because, even if she’s the heart and soul of the show, Sharon’s a mixed up kid.
  • By the time you’re halfway through Season 3 you can see the joins as the writers try to keep the story going.
  • The writers also seem to lose interest in many of the headline characters of Season 1 by Season 3, which is a thing.

I am enjoying it, of course, because it’s quality stuff, but I have now realised that Stargate Universe is better.

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