Pill two, pill three

4am-001Huh. Following the powerful effect I felt from the first antidepressant, I was wary of the next, but (turns out), the second pill was much milder in its effect than the first.

I still woke too early (before 5 a.m.) – it was a Saturday, so even more annoying – and still felt slightly headachy and spaced-out, but by noon those feelings had faded, and I spent the rest of the day feeling normal. I went shopping in the morning, and maybe I was a little photosensitive, it’s hard to tell. I do suspect a slight blurring of vision, but that’s very hard to quantify, particularly as I’m still kind of getting used to wearing new glasses.

The third pill seemed to have no strange effects at all. Saturday night to Sunday, I think I managed to sleep quite well (for me). Six o’clock, and then able to doze for a bit. So that’s not bad. The true test will be tonight, to see whether I wake too early on Monday morning.

Mood-wise, I don’t feel very different. Now that the spacy feeling has passed, I’m feeling pretty normal. Although I just cut 250 songs from my phone playlist in a ruthless cull.

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