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There has been some snark on the Twitter about decades in recent days, with those of us who cleave to the correct way of marking them (just 16% according to a YouGov poll) being described as “pedants” by the people who are wrong.

The pedant pejorative seems to be reached for by wrongsters who are so far stepped in wrongness that to turn back would be as tedious as going on with the wrong. But they’re still wrong. And it’s not pedantic to point out that YOU WOULDN’T TELL A KID WHO’D JUST TURNED NINE THAT SHE WAS REALLY TEN, WOULD YOU?

A kid who has turned nine is nine for a whole year. That whole year is indeed their tenth year, and they turn ten at the end of it. Guess what? This decade has just entered its tenth year, and it will turn ten at the end of it.

I’m pretty sure a lot of 29 year olds would resist being told they were 30. Likewise, the 59 year olds who have a whole year to go before they’re 60.

Paul McCartney filed for Beatle divorce on 31st December 1970, marking the spiritual and literal end of the 60s. Ronald Reagan became president of the United States just as the 80s got underway, in January 1981.

And the feeble justification given by the wrongsters, that that’s just how people think, is pathetic. People constantly, consistently, continually get things wrong about a whole host of things. They vote for the wrong things, they watch the wrong TV shows, they listen to the wrong music, because they’re idiot cavemen and cavewomen whose lizard brains can’t hold two ideas at the same time. Why on earth would you, a person who is being wrong about when the decade ends, want to align yourself with how people think?


2 responses to “The majority is always wrong (about decades, especially)”

  1. rashbre Avatar

    Nontheless, it is fun to say to other children of the 50s, that we are now in our 8th decade.


  2. RFM Avatar

    As a child of the 60s, I cannot endorse even this wrongness


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