Three iPhone cases

Even though I’ve only had my new iPhone 12 since the end of October, I’ve already bought three different cases for it. Is this a record?

My kid was telling me I ought to go caseless because the phone itself is so nice, but (a) I don’t agree really; and (b) I don’t think I want to live without the drop protection a case offers; and (c) I just don’t like the feel of the naked phone in my hand.

My first thought was a clear case, only I’m not of course gullible enough to pay for the Apple version. I bought instead an Eono by Amazon case, which claimed to be “ultra clear” and “anti-yellow”.

I’ve got nothing against yellow. It’s his fan club I can’t stand.

A couple of problems with this case. Number one, as previously noted, there ain’t no way you can have your iPhone looking as shiny and fingerprint-free as the marketing photo suggests. Second of all, it feels cheap and nasty to the touch, and makes your seven million pound iPhone look cheap and nasty. Here’s the (two star) review I left on Amazon:

Although this arrived in packaging that spoke of a premium product, I was disappointed in both the appearance and texture of this case. It looks like cheap plastic and feels like it too.

My blue iPhone 12 is already a smudge and fingerprint magnet, and this case does not improve matters, showing every mark and looking grubby from almost the moment I put the phone into it.

The plastic is flexible enough so that the phone slips easily in and out. I have thankfully not tested its impact protection (touch wood) and cannot attest to its resistance to yellowing as it is only a few days out of its box.

Ultimately, this feels like something cheap and quite nasty to put over something expensive and beautiful.

(I may have lied about the “beautiful” bit – or it’s possible I’ve gone off my new iPhone since I bought it.) What happened next of course is that I was contacted by “Eono”, who attempted to suborn me with a replacement case (which they claimed was new and improved) or a full refund.

This is xxxxx from Eono. Thanks very much for ordering Eono phone case.
But I’m very sorry it brought some bad experience for you.
Based on your description, we did some research & discuss and we found the reason. Due to the material and the shape, it will cause local sliding. We have upgraded and recover the issue may face, it will not happen again.
And about the fingerprint, because too much fingerprint oil will cause the surface to be too slippery and the phone will slip off easily. Now as long as you wipe it lightly, your fingerprints will fall off. All things considered, this is a good state, is that right?

I would like to resend you a new case to have a try again. Is that OK?
Of course, if you really don’t like it. I would like to full refund you and you don’t have to return it.
What’s your opinion, Robert?

Ha! Well, my opinion was that I literally couldn’t be arsed, and so I did not take them up on their offer. Also I was a bit worried about my fingerprints falling off. Also highly sceptical about the new design, given that this was all about five minutes after the new phones were released.

Three people have voted my review useful. Is this a record?

So I swiftly moved on to order something else, and stumbled across the Bellroy range. I already have a Bellroy wallet (my second), and I highly recommend them. So I ordered their reasonably priced bog-standard phone case in coral – because I was already missing my lovely coral iPhone XR. It’s my everyday case now, and I love the look and feel* of it. It’s fairly easy to get the phone in and out, and it doesn’t add too much bulk and weight. The leather looks good, and the price was £15 below the equivalent Apple leather case.

*Unfortunately, there is a problem. Both the power button and volume up/down buttons have no feel whatsoever. So you find yourself either squeezing too hard, or not squeezing enough. Given that you habitually put your phone to sleep hundreds of times every day, this is a bummer. I would give this case my unconditional endorsement were it not for that. The button feel might seem trivial, but it’s really not. It annoys you every single time.

Finally, I ordered myself a new Quadlock case, in anticipation of carrying my phone on my bike. This would be my third of these (is this a record?), and I think they’re still a great bet. It’s a shame they’re not available in more colours, but the combination of materials is perfect: solid and stiff around the connector, flexible enough at the sides, with a good bumper. Among their wide range of different accessories, Quadlock also now offer a ring attachment, which is new. So you can use this to keep the phone securely in your hand with your finger hooked through it, or use it to prop the phone up on a table while you slurp soup or noodles. There’s a whole range of things you can get to attach the case to, and this remains the best ecosystem for a range of different uses. I’d much rather this than Apple’s MagSafe connection, which offers nothing over a more reliable connection to a so-called wireless charging station. And since wireless remains an energy wasteful means of charging a phone, I’m not bothered.

Overall verdict:

Get yourself a Quadlock. Avoid the Eono, and probably spend the extra £15 for the Apple leather.

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