Blastoma from the pastoma

I’ve been browsing through my old blog, lost in time because I foolishly removed myself from it and now exist only as “bot37363838”. Anyway, I found this meticulously researched entry from May 2006:

Sartorial Elegance

One of the pleasures of the Perishers in the 60s were the ever-changing fashions adopted by Marlon, the slightly thick member of the toupe.
In 1964, he sported the early Beatles look, a smart jacket:


Quite soon this was superseded by a mid-60s Beatles look, a nice polo neck:


Moving on, things started to get a bit whacky. The stripy t-shirt and cap look was like something out of the Monkees. And check out Maisie’s brief foray into bell bottoms (which Wellington points out don’t bell in the same place that she does).


Then there was a kind of Carnaby Street groovy look with a wide tie, still with the fetching cap (I love this strip, which features Maisie’s indecision at having sixpence to spend – we’ve all been there):


Following Sgt Pepper, he adopted a uniform, which as Wellington points out, is more Odeon than Military


And then for some reason, Marlon gave up on fashion and adopted a racing driver’s overalls, for the rest of time. Note also that the two constants of his 60s look, his trousers and Beatle boots, are also gone:


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