I’m really vague on whether I was 15 or 16 or maybe even 17, but at a certain point, my bedroom at my parents’ house was in need of decoration and I was given a free rein as to how to decorate it. Black and White was the theme. White carpet, lol, and a black and white bedspread. Black sheets? *Shudder* Forgive, me, I was a teenager. I painted by desk black, but the best and most important detail is that my sister painted Beatle murals all around the room.

My sister, my younger brother, and George.

I’m afraid that Paul is lost to time. No photos of the Paul wall exist, as far as I know. This breaks my heart. But the John and Ringo wall is here, and it was such an amazing image that you could see it from up on the Downs, looking down over hundreds of metres to my upstairs bedroom:

Portrait of the artist with the fuckin’ artist

That white thing she’s sitting on was my parents’ old sideboard, legs removed, and painted white. I wonder what I kept in there? O to rootle through those drawers.

I was listening to something the other day (so many podcasts) and they were talking about what you had up on your bedroom wall when you were a teenager. For me, it was les Beatles, but also I had a few 8×10 black and white film star publicity shots. My favourite of these was Natalie Wood. It was a great head and shoulders photo of her, at her absolute peak – hair over one eye – around the time of Love with the Proper Stranger, although I’ve never been able to find it on the internet, which is weird. O to be back in that slightly seedy London bookshop, the one with the racks and racks of movie star photos.

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