Keir Starmer: the Milky Bar Teapot

It has been interesting to note the approbation towards RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch on the Twitters over the past couple of days and compare him with the deliberately lacklustre Keir Starmer, who has been under fire recently for being quote boring unquote.

While I do not accept the narrative that a leader should be exciting, or even much of a leader (who needs ‘em, fuck ‘em), I do think that the leader of the opposition should, on occasion, when weather allows, all things considered, by and large, oppose the fucking government.

To see Lynch straight batting the obviously biased media questioning and using actual words that ordinary people might use in dismissing the attack lines was to find oneself wondering why Starmer’s Labour party finds it quite so difficult to hold a coherent position. I also wonder at the sheer front of these journalists, who are surely members of a union themselves, in acting as mouthpieces for their billionaire owners. Fuck ‘em all. Of course, all their kids are at private schools, so you can’t trust any of them.

For every floating voter (floater) who is not actually repelled by Starmer, at least half a dozen natural Labour voters are facepalming their way to a spoiled ballot or a vote for the Greens. I cannot say it clearly enough: why should I, a person who wants a more equitable society with justice for all, vote for this mealymouthed empty suit? He reminds me of that horrible man Ian Duncan Smith, remember? When he was leader of the Tories in opposition, he was accused of being too placid, too quiet, like Starmer. And he came out at a Tory conference (2003) and embarrassed himself by strutting across the stage and pretending to TURN UP THE VOLUME.

It was embarrassing, and you get the feeling Starmer would be exactly the same if he tried to climb out of his aardvark suit and show a bit of passion. But as I said: I don’t need an exciting leader. I just need someone who will appear in front of the people of this country and stand up for something. Give us something to vote for, Keir! Instead of just something to vote against. Standing up for striking transport workers would be a start, but no. Instead he warns his own MPs not to openly support them, even though most of the public do. That he’s not willing to speak the words that Lynch does, when he points out the excessive salaries of Britain’s bosses, the greed of the rich, the massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich that has been going on for decades, is simply bewildering.

If he cannot stand up now in support of ordinary working people against the rapacious profiteering and wealth accumulation of the rich, he’s worse than useless. He’s helping Johnson stay in post, and he’s helping the Tories win the next election.

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