It’s not the despair… it’s the hope

Sunak and Javid, yesterday

Since Spivweasel Cameron quit following the EU referendum in 2016, it has been Game of Thrones in the Conservative Party, with so many backstabbing knives floating around that it looked like a Las Vegas Macbeth Convention.

Of course, not a single one of the weasel party is fit to rule. In some ways, this has been a relief, because although there has been a lot of noise and there have been many policy announcements, they also perform many U-turns. The biggest damage done to the country has been leaving the EU, and while it’s comforting to point fingers at the liars and agents of chaos who made that possible, the blame rests on those who voted for it.

Spivweasel was succeeded by Weakweasel, and two torrid years of bad faith negotiations and (mostly) backstabbing, as the weasels manoeuvred to see who would succeed.

Inevitably, it was Lieweasel, whose entire lief has been dedicated to putting his bloated carcass into the top seat. And even though he was manifestly unfit for any kind of public office and has no interest whatsoever in actually doing the job, he made it happen. Triumph of the Swill. And although he told a lot of lies, over decades, to achieve his objective, the real blame remains with those who voted for him — repeatedly in many cases, in spite of all the evidence.

Over in the Philippines, the Marcos family is making a comeback, but we have our own version of Ferdinand and Imelda here, with their grift and graft so blatant that it has sometimes taken the breath away. The arrogance and hubris behind the gold wallpaper and the (attempted) solid gold treehouse is simply astonishing. A couple of people who seem incapable of living within their actual means and instead welcomed money from any quarter, on the promise, presumably, of favours to be delivered. That Tory donors are naive enough to pay for Johnson’s lifestyle when he is and always has been a notorious liar is… well, more fool them.

But the hubris! Decorating the PM’s flat like a 19th Century whorehouse as if you were going to be staying there even five years, let alone longer. Perhaps they have a plan? The plan being that no matter what happens, Johnson won’t resign? A man willing to prorogue Parliament to get his way is probably willing to dismantle our entire democracy.

And who is to blame? You don’t need me to say it. On the Twitter, if you clicked on the trending “Boris” word (I don’t recommend this), you will find them, still out there, his supporters. “Boris will get the right people in now”. He is absolutely hero-worshipped by a certain sector of the UK population. Our own equivalent of the MAGA red hats. Stupid, gullible (but also: too stupid and gullible to know they’r stupid and gullible), and vocal. Oh, so vocal. They’re out there. Your neighbours. My neighbours. Van drivers, housewives, even teachers, probably. Boris is their guy.

So don’t get your hopes up.

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