Lonely Heart Clubhouse Episode 5: Karlheinz Stockhausen

Really, this should be episode #9, and a retcon should move this week’s subject further along the row to ninth position.

This episode is all about the German avant garde composer who was surely the inspiration for the Beatles’ experiments with tape loops and sound collage.

The thorny question of which Beatle was the most avant garde has rumbled on for decades, with Macca making the case for himself in recent years, and Lennon blowing his own trumpet throughout the 70s. It was John who put out Two Virgins, but it was George who put out Electronic Sounds, and Paul who was behind Carnival of Light, which few have ever heard.

As always, Elodie does the research and I step on the punchlines: avant garde a clue.

Like the previous episode, we sat outside the house in France on a summer evening, so this podcast should be subtitled Chihuahua with a Chainsaw.

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