And the queue went down the street

We’re spending the weekend in Southwold, on the Suffolk Coast, and we were just walking back from dinner when we passed a queue of people waiting to be served in one of the many fish and chip shops. ‘That must be the good one,’ said my OH, and I had a flashback to a time when a previous gf and I had spent a week in Fife, just across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh.

I think the village was Anstruther, and the Anstruther Fish Bar, even now, claims to have “the best fish and chips in Britain”. I was there some time in the 1980s, but back then its reputation was such that the queue for very fresh fish and chips snaked down the block. Exciting! Most of the time, a queue puts me off, but a queue for fish and chips is something else.

I’m reminded that back in the days before multi-screen cinemas, we used to queue to see films down the street and around the corner and up another street. I think one of the last times I did that was for the original Ghostbusters. There was a slight return to that kind of thing when The Point cinema opened in Milton Keynes. I went there on opening night, with the same ex gf, and the queue for tickets snaked up from the cinema bit through the connecting corridor to the bar bit and out of the door.

Anyway, in spite of the cloudy weather (see above) and the fact that it started raining around three in the afternoon (just after I took that picture), I managed to catch the sun on my face. Red forehead, red nose, so I can’t go out for a few days, I’m in purdah. Because I consulted the weather forecast, I managed to come away without sun cream, sunglasses, or a hat. Also forgot my Kindle, which is really annoying.

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