Actual Nazis

I wasn’t going to say anything but then I haven’t posted anything for days, so I thought I might as well, but I’m not going to dignify anything with a link, so.

There were these two Tory conferences last weekend, what were they called? Nail Biters vs Bed Wetters? The Bring Back Bonking Boris Group vs What If We Just Went Full Fascist Group?

Anyway, one of these groups was bold enough to call itself the National Conservatives. Geddit? Like, National Socialists but We’ve Cleverly Used A Different Word? They (correctly?) thought that no journalist would dare call them out, so they brazenly oozed out of the woodwork into full public view with their views on Race! Women! Whatever other shit they were talking about!

Actual Nazis, I thought, actually going all the way to calling themselves National Socialists Conservatives and talking about The Real Problem With This Country and brazenly broadcasting their lies and warped views on families. Suella Braverman their poster child (until they send her to one of their camps with all the other brown people). Suella Braverman the Useful Idiot as she will be known in future history books.

It has come to this. And though I think some people (like Lewis Goodall of The News Agents) came close to calling them out, an awful lot was left for Thinking People to infer. That kind of, nod nod, wink wink, we know our audience will see this for what it is kind of thing.

Only, I’m not so sure. There is literally no evidence, following Brexit and successive elections since 2010, that at least half the electorate are able to see through brazen and blatant lies. Which is before you get to the bit where a lot of people actually are horrible racists and would vote for Hitler tomorrow, if he was running.

There is no sub-text. It is all text.

And don’t get me started on tattoos.

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